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Vega Hypermarket, 141/5, Sebastia st. Google Maps Yandex Maps

July 13, 11:00

Gathering from 10:50

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We help solve environmental problems

We promote responsible attitudes towards the environment in Armenia

We implement our own projects and serve as a center for promoting environmental initiatives in the country

Our community’s impact since 2022

people took part in the events

We encourage everybody to join us

events organized

We clean the most beautiful and important places in Armenia

tons of garbage collected

That's the weight of about 4 humpback whales

tons of waste were sent for recycling

These resources were returned to Armenian economy

We take pride in making Armenia greener, cleaner and even more beautiful!

About us

Green Green aims to help solve environmental problems and develop a responsible attitude to the environment in Armenia

Green Green’s mission is to contribute to developing a sense of responsible ownership towards the Armenian natural environment and sustainable use of resources and public spaces.

We do it by: organizing public events, raising awareness and promoting eco-lifestyle, empowering communities to solve ecological problems, sharing best practices, developing partnerships and capacity building.

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How to Become a Green Green Volunteer?

Participate in our cleanups and events. No special training is required, and we will provide all the necessary equipment.

Join the Green Green team to help with preparation and organization of events.

Reach out to us if you are involved in recycling or upcycling of secondary materials.

Follow us on social media to stay updated on event announcements, cleanups, and volunteer recruitment.

Share information about us, photos, and videos on social media!

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Our values define who we are, what we do and how we do it

Trust enablers

We value transparency and strive to be clear and open in all we do. Honesty, integrity, and respect are the foundation of all our relationships and interactions

Scalable positive impact

We are advocates of nature aiming to scale our positive impact. We care deeply about preserving ecosystems

Inclusive collaboration

We are building a global community united by a common mission. Education is a key pillar to raise awareness and empower individuals