April, 27


Green Green Ecocenter




April, 27 12:00-21:00, Green Green Ecocenter

The festival took place on April 27, 2024. Thanks to all the volunteers, participants, and visitors! To see photos, videos, and learn about our upcoming events, follow us on our social media

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Main Stage

12:30-13:00 The grand opening of the festival

13:30-14:30 Invited experts discuss sustainability in business, recycling, and hazardous waste

Invited speakers:

  • Arthur Chobanyan (Marketing Director of Vega) - will present Vega's environmental initiatives;
  • Vladimir Matsyuk (General Director of GC "Megapolisresurs") - will share his experience in battery recycling in his company. Megapolisresurs is a leading recycler of batteries, accumulators, and electronic scrap in Russia, achieving the most efficient method of battery utilization: 94.4% of the material becomes resources;
  • Armen Shekhoyan (Head of the Waste Sorting Department of Yerevan) - will talk about the work and plans for the development of separate waste collection in Yerevan;
  • Serge Ahlebinin (Green Green Activist) — will introduce Composter and launch organic waste collection at the EcoCenter.

14:30 Composter opening: start of organic waste collection right by the ecocenter

During the Eco Festival, we will introduce a composter where we will process organic waste. Rules for organic waste disposal will be similar to those in the Botanical Garden.

15:00-16:00 Cleanup competition

As part of the Eco Festival, the 86th Green Green cleanup event will take place. The cleanup will be held in Victory Park in the format of a team competition against the clock. Duration: 30 minutes. Maximum team size: 5 people. The team that collects the most waste will be awarded eco-friendly prizes.

16:30 Performance by MASLOV

MASLOV is an indie musician and cover artist who ignites flames in hearts with every line he sings. An incredibly sincere story unfolds as soon as he picks up his guitar and starts singing.

19:00 Performance by SALT

SALT is a community of music enthusiasts. SALT is not just a brand; it's a community of people ready to welcome both musicians and listeners. At the concert, you can actively participate and sing along!

Plus contests, and interactive activities for all ages

On the festival, there will be an interactive zone for all ages: you can learn to squeeze recycled materials more efficiently and master secret techniques for identifying their types through gameplay. You can also participate in an environmental quest!

Green Green Lectorium

13:00 Lecture 'Minimalism and Conscious Consumption in Home Design'

Speaker: Svetlana Kundal, homesteader and redesigner. Language: Russian.

15:00 Screening and Discussion of the Film 'The Exit'

2022 Film, Directed by Maxim and Evgenia Arbugaev. Language: Russian, English subtitles.

Host: Alena Zorenko, Duration: 25 minutes screening and 20 minutes discussion.

A short film about the work of biologist Maxim Chakilev on the shores of the Chukchi Sea. Maxim observes walruses and sees how their lives are changing due to climate change. Insufficient ice formation leads to catastrophic consequences.

16:15 ArmAQI project presentation - Air Quality Monitoring in Armenia

Speaker: Kristina Loginova, project founder. Language: Russian.

17:00 Lecture 'Survival Mission: How to Help Pollinating Insects in Urban Environments'

Speaker: Zoya Dutova, Senior Specialist at the Yerevan Botanical Garden. Language: Russian.

18:00 Lecture in Russian 'Ecological Habits: Practical Ways to Make Daily Life More Eco-Friendly'

Speaker: Daria Gorkovskaya, eco-educator and volunteer at Green Green. Language: Russian.

18:30 Lecture in Armenian 'Ecological Habits: Practical Ways to Make Daily Life More Eco-Friendly'

Speaker: Ani Navasardyan, eco-educator and volunteer at Green Green. Language: Armenian.

19:00 Screening and Discussion of the Film 'Trash: Burn or Bury'

2021 Film, Directed by Peter Price. Language: Russian.

Host: Alena Zorenko, Duration: 30 minutes screening and 20 minutes discussion.

Every year, we produce over two billion tons of solid waste, with only a small portion being recycled, while the rest is buried or incinerated. Journalist Lucia Blasco tries to figure out the best way to deal with waste. Lucia shows us the huge dumps of Asunción in Paraguay and travels to the small Swedish town of Linköping, famous for its urban heating system powered by a waste incineration plant. But this seemingly foolproof scheme has its downside.

20:00 Screening and Discussion of the Film 'The Last Day of Raikoke'

2020 Film, Directed by Kirill Ivanov. Language: Russian.

Host: Alena Zorenko, Duration: 15 minutes screening and 20 minutes discussion.

The island of Raikoke is so small that it's hard to spot among the islands of the Kuril Ridge. But even a small island can hold big surprises. The film was made in 2020, a year after the eruption of the volcano that destroyed all life on the island.

Workshops for all ages

The workshop area will be open from 13:00 to 20:00. You can participate in each workshop completely free of charge.

Waste separation

At the Eco Festival, you can drop off any recyclable materials accepted at Green Green EcoCenter, and learn more about waste separation and recycling.

Swap: Exchange Good Items

A swap zone will be organized near the EcoCenter. There, you can leave good items that you no longer need to extend their life. And, of course, you can also take items from the swap. A fitting room will be provided.

You can bring and take clothing, accessories, household items, plants, working electronics, children's toys, toys, and pet supplies from the swap.

We advocate for responsible consumption, so we encourage you to only take items from the swap that you truly need. We don't approve reselling items from the swap.

Exhibition (recycle, trash art)

The exhibition of works made from recycled materials will be open from 12:00 to 20:00. The following artists will present their works:

Eco-brand market

The market area will be open from 12:00 to 20:00. Here you can purchase products made from recycled materials by our partners.

Tea corner: Chinese teas and herbal blends

Our friends from "Moychay Armenia" are organizing a tea corner at the Eco Festival.

Board Games Corner by Hobby Games

The board game store Hobby Games will host Board Game Corner from 12:30 to 18:00, where you can play popular games with a nature theme, such as "Greenery", "Takenoko", "Artichokes in Shock", "Animal Kingdoms", "Tulip Mania", "Bonsai", "Myriads", "Hive", "Similo: Animals", and many more!

Everyone will find something to their taste, whether it's a strategic game, a game of observation, or a card game with friends.

Tattoo corner

Leyla is a tattoo artist who delicately embeds art onto your skin, creating unique graphic tattoos with minimal shading. Her work stands out for its precision and comfort during the procedure. Examples of her work can be seen on Instagram.

Ecological Quest by QurioCity

QurioCity is organizing a quest at the eco-festival, which you can participate in from 12:30 to 18:00. The quest lasts for 1 hour, and you can start at any convenient time! To participate in the quest, all you need is a charged mobile phone, internet access, and Telegram. To begin the game, you will need to scan a QR code and enter a special game code.

By solving interesting environmental riddles, you need to find places associated with the EcoCenter and complete tasks there. You will write the answers to the tasks to a Telegram bot, which will immediately check their correctness. All teams that complete the quest will receive a pleasant bonus.

Low-waste food court

Food at the festival will be served without disposable tableware. We recommend that you bring reusable (or camping) cups and plates with you. Disposable plastic and paper "eco" tableware are prohibited at the festival!

Venue of the Eco Festival

The EcoCenter is located in one of the largest green areas of Yerevan - Victory Park, near Lake Arevik.

You can access the Eco Center from both the park side and Babayan Street.

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Sponsors of the Eco Festival

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